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Creative Curriculum

Our topic-based creative curriculum has proven to engage our children.  This has resulted in a changed attitude to learning and has significantly raised standards.  Our children enjoy our topics because they are fun, meaningful and relevant to them and they learn things in great depth and their relationships are enhanced.

Our school curriculum is planned throughout the year to include all areas of the national curriculum within different ‘topics’.  These topics can run for 2-3 weeks and will often include a visitor to school / workshops or trips.  Teachers will make sure that over the course of the year, your child will cover every aspect of the national curriculum (i.e. History, Geography, Music, Art, etc) in depth.  Each topic is designed to a high standard and children work towards an end-goal / project which is celebrated and shared.

This topic-based curriculum provides real life experiences and also ensures every child gets the opportunity to enhance their independent learning skills.  Each topic is carefully planned to include strategic ‘challenges’ which enables children to develop their problem-solving skills and collaboration with peers.

Throughout the year, there will be whole-school topics which include ‘Take One Picture’, Christmas, Easter, Sports Initiative Week and an internationally themed topic.  For each of these, there are opportunities to celebrate the skills of collaboration and team-work across different year groups.  The ‘Take One Picture’ topics (where a painting is used as the stimulus) always have a whole-school focus and outcome.  These have been thoroughly enjoyed by all children and staff and we are proud of the experiences / outcomes each has brought.