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Design & Technology


At St John’s and St Peter’s CE Academy we intend to build a Design and Technology curriculum which supports all children in their development and understanding of D&T. We believe in teaching a curriculum which allows all pupils the opportunity to acquire the knowledge and skills to equip them for success in their future education as well as in the wider world.

As D&T opens a wealth of opportunities for children both on a professional and personal level, our enthusiastic approach to is intended to ignite a passion within our children which can be used as the step into engineering, design, cookery and innovation.

D & T builds core skills and expertise that can equip our pupils throughout their life and career.

With our deep belief in Christian values and relationships, D&T underpins this through how we encourage teamwork and collaboration throughout every project. From researching and brainstorming of ideas, supporting one another with designing and creating, towards giving positive critique for final products and finally celebrating the successes of everyone.


Design and Technology Curriculum Intent

Design and Technology Overview

Design and Technology Progression of Skills


Design and Technology Implementation


"I love D&T because I like making moving things."
Chakir, Age 6

 "D&T helps us to see how things are made and how things work. Then we get to do it ourselves! It's fun because we use all of the equipment, especially cooking. At home, a lot of people don't do proper cooking, but we can at school!"
Lacey, Age 10

"I love using all of the different equipment... especially when we had to cut the wood and make the handles using a saw."
Lateya, Age 10


Year 1 designing and creating moving picture books
Year 6 experimenting with cams to make moving animals


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