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Welcome to the Governance section of our website. I am pleased to introduce the body of directors for All Saints Multi Academy Trust Birmingham. We are a varied and committed group of directors serving the MAT. We are all volunteers, and we represent all sections of the school community. Each director makes a commitment of time, experience and expertise in order to support continuous improvement across the MAT for the benefit of all the children.

Look out for us at school events throughout the year, we look forward to meeting you.

Sarah Smith 

Governance Set-up

Below is a diagram of the Academy governance set-up:

Members Board

  • Diocese of Birmingham Educational Trust
  • Diocesan Board of Finance
  • Archdeacon of Birmingham
  • Area Dean for Handsworth and Central
  • Chair of Directors

Board of Trustees

  • Mrs S Smith (Chair)
  • Mrs S Pilditch (Vice chair)
  • Rev T Bateman
  • Mr R Bent
  • Mr R Hopkins
  • Mr D Lassetter (Chief Finance Officer) 
  • Mr D Lyall
  • Mr C Manning
  • Dr P Osborne
  • Mrs E Tyler

In attendance:

  • Mrs S Buttigieg (Finance Officer)
  • Miss S Wisdom (Head of Operations)

Contact Address:

Sarah Smith

C/O St Thomas CE Academy
Great Colmore Street
B15 2AT

The board of trustee's meet each half term, six times a year.

Finance, Resource, Audit and Risk committee

The Finance, Resource, Audit and risk committee meet at least once a term:

  • Mr C Manning (Chair)
  • Mr R Bent
  • Mr D Lyall
  • Mrs S Smith
  • Vacancy

Local Academy Board

Each school has it own Local Academy Board (LAB) of governors that meet once a term.

St Thomas CE Academy LAB  

  • Dr P Osborne (Chair)
  • Rev T Bateman
  • Raja Khan (parent governor)
  • Mr J Boyce
  • Miss S Lovell (staff governor)

St John's & St Peter's CE Academy LAB  

  • Mrs S Smith (Chair)
  • Dr J Sills
  • Mrs S Williams
  • Miss A Longvill (staff governor)
  • Parent governor - vacancy


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