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Science at St John’s and St Peter’s CE Academy is taught with the future of our children in mind. Here, we recognise that with society growing and the world we live in forever changing, the children of St John’s and St Peter’s need to acquire scientific knowledge, skills and attitudes to prepare themselves for the modern world in which we live. Not all children will want to pursue a career with a scientific background, however we want all children to be equipped with critical thinking skills which allow them to navigate our complex modern world.

Here at St John’s, we aim to provide all of our children with a rich and engaging Science curriculum which enables all children to participate in an academic way. Ensuring children have a deep understanding and the opportunities to explore the world around is key to our curriculum. Our curriculum is tailored in a way in which supports the children as the seasons change and they progress throughout the academic year.

We strive for our children to be curious thinkers, so we encourage research-based learning, experiments, observations, key questions and data analysis.


Science Curriculum Intent

Science Overview

Science Progression of Skills


Science Curriculum Implementation

“It’s cool how we do experiments and it’s enjoyable”
Oumar, Age 9


“Science is exploring different things, looking at things and noticing what new things are”
Mia, Age 7


“I like it when we discover new things”
Jabari, Age 9



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