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Take One Picture

Take One Picture is a nationwide initiative run by the National Portrait Gallery and is the inspiration for our creative curriculum.


Each year we chose a different painting and produce three weeks of learning based on themes and images within the artwork.  The staff spend months leading up to TOP with planning meetings and opportunities to generate ideas both as a whole school and in phases.


Once the painting has been chosen, work is generated not just in art but also in all other subjects.  In the past this has included story writing, shape and space work in maths, construction, hand marking musical instruments and a residential trip on a canal boat.   Quite often the best ideas for projects come from the children themselves and we encourage them to take ownership of their own learning within the project.


This year we have combined our TOP with Sports week and created a Take One Sporty Picture based on a painting by Terry Harrison called 'Sunday Cricket'.


On Friday 21 June we are having a Victorian Village Fete.  We would like the everybody to the dressed in Victorian clothing.  Click here for some ideas of costumes.